Tekken 3 Attract Embu 1080p 60fps (PCSX-R PGXP Perspective Correct)

real racing 3 hack mgs.zip

Real Racing 3 Hack
real racing 3 hack mgs.zip

60fps attract embu with perspective correction and other PCSX-R PGXP enhancements.

Driver 32x MSAA + 8x SSAA
1.5x CPU overclocking
GTE widescreen hack
No texture filtering or xBRZ filtering

PGXP GTE vertex creation
PGXP vertex caching
PGXP perspective correct texturing
PGXP memory only mode

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Real Racing 3 Hack

Ubisoft announced today that Watch Dogs is the fastest-selling game in its history, selling more copies in the first 24 hours than any other title from the company.
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real racing 3 hack mgs.zip

Real Racing 3 Hack

25 Replies to “Tekken 3 Attract Embu 1080p 60fps (PCSX-R PGXP Perspective Correct)”

  1. I can't figure this out, since this game is more broken than any I've played in at least a year. Totally screwed this one up, Ubi. How many of these people are going to be demanding their money back when it crashes and fucks up?

  2. I know the game is fun but Ubisoft bullshited people and should have been punished for it with huge amounts of cancelled pre-orders. Instead they are rewarded for treating the customers as fools.

  3. It's as good as gta 5 notice I said as cause watch dogs 't let u shoot from cars and u can't fight people freely like in gta5 but it's good enough to hold me over

  4. How Child of Light sell, I'm wondering? I haven't heard much about it since it came out. I get that Watch Dogs appeals more to the average gamer (and the open world/driving cars around aspect is a huge bonus as far as appeal goes), but it really outshine Child of Light THAT much? 

  5. This game has so many bugs and glitches………but i like the game if they fix the bugs and glitches and the combat bugs i will give this game 9.5/10, now i give a 6/10.

  6. One of the main reasons why Watch Dogs sold so well other than being a good game is because next gen consoles has no games.

  7. so far i'm enjoying it, only really done 2 main missions as well as i'm enjoying messing around :), was a little worrried when reading review comments people saying its boring but i really like it, few annoyances which GTA does a lot better but the cars feel/sound good, hacking is a good laugh =)

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